Shorty’s was founded in 2001 by David “Shorty” Shaw based on the principle of providing outstanding customer service among a world of corporate competitors struggling with abrogating levels of customer service. Shorty’s began as an equipment rental company carrying everything from sewer snakes to skid steers.

Out of necessity to feed his own livestock quality feeds, Shorty added our feed division. We are proud to say we stock only the best; Bluebonnet Feeds, ADM/Moorman’s ShowTec, Equidyne, and Jacoby. Your animals should be as well fed as ours! Bluebonnet Feeds: We cannot brag enough about these feeds! Not only are they ‘open label’, but are manufactured in one ionophore free facility. Which means, your livestock’s feed is free from toxins and maintains consistency. Bluebonnet firmly believes in the science behind their feeds. Specifically, low starch foods have an imperative place in our animals’ diets, whether they are horses, cattle or deer. We promise you will see a difference in your livestock after feeding Bluebonnet!

Jacoby: Our sheep and goat customers love this stuff and often swear by it. Excellent feed that promotes healthy livestock inside and outside of the show-ring!

Our Tack Showroom is ever-expanding and new products are added daily for most disciplines. We have a large selection of ropes and many of the other commonly used tack.

We truly hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you; whether it’s for a skid steer, a bag of feed or splint boot. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it! Shorty’s has built a reputation that demonstrates our commitment to both the customer and the community. We know the value of the customer and center our focus around your needs.